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Experteeth Dental Graduate Program 2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Dentist (full-time)


- This is a three-year tailored graduate program specifically designed for current final year dental students to start Jan/Feb 2022.

- We are a group that is very experienced in hiring and training new graduates. We have been doing the same graduate program for Four years now. Graduates from the first batch of intake have already become competent and successful independent dental practitioners. In fact, in all of the positions available this year, you will be mentored by Partner dentists who were once in the graduate program themselves!

- We nurture the need of graduates, by providing them with mentoring groups lead not only by myself but also by other dentists in the group who each have their competence in a particular field of dentistry. At the same time, we do not believe in "holding hands and micromanaging", we provide the clinical freedom for graduates to challenge themselves to become more competent, under the protection of our safety net.

- Peer consultation from other dentists who are at the same level as you, consultation with lead dentists in local clinics, and consultation with the principal and senior dentists are all made available.

- Encourage you to attend the CPD program, to discover your interest and learn.

- Monthly online meetings where cases can be discussed and micro-lectures will be given.

- Regular get-togethers and Hands-on sessions with over 20 dentists across the entire group practice (We think we will be running some massive hands-on next year because this year we have not been able to do it due to COVID).

- Opportunity exists to work in our Metropolitan branches later, and/or become partners in clinics.

- While general dentistry is our focus, our principal dentist and senior dentists do complicated wisdom tooth extractions and dental implants, as well as orthodontics and Invisalign. Our group is an Invisalign Platinum Elite provider with over 100 cases per year. The principal Dentist also lectures for various implant companies. Good opportunity to learn and gain experience in implant surgery and restorations as well as orthodontics.

- State-of-the-art dental surgery includes all digitized x-ray and clinical records, OPGs in every clinic, intra-oral scanners in every surgery, and CBCTs in every cluster location. CEREC workflow in some locations.


This intake is for RURAL NSW and TAS locations only.

For your 1st Year: You will be allocated an area that we called a Cluster. You will not be allocated to a particular clinic, rather you will work on a rotational basis across different clinics within a Cluster. We find this arrangement will provide you with the most exposure to different clinical experiences.

For your 2nd Year: you will generally work in 1 clinic or across 2 clinics in the Cluster.

For your 3rd Year: you will be given a choice of staying in the current Cluster, or relocating to one of our other clinics, including the Metropolitan practices of your choice. While space is subject to availability and compatibility, a space in a Metro Practice will be guaranteed if that is what you chose.

Current Cluster locations:

1. Narrabri1 - Narrabri 2 - Coonabarabran - Dubbo NSW 2. Deloraine - Bernie - Wynyard TAS 3. Young (2 Practices in the same town) NSW 4. Redland QLD


This is a 3-year fixed-term structured graduate program. 1st Year: Fixed Salary Package of $80,000 basic salary plus $20,000 Finishing Bonus, plus performance bonus structure.

2nd-3rd Year: 30-40% commission on takings after lab fee under service facility agreement; Percentage scale depends on performance, the guide will be provided in the contract.

If you are an experienced dentist, please do not apply to the graduate program. This program is only available to new graduates and practitioners who have limited Australian practicing experience.

Skills and experience

- This is a structured Graduate Program suitable to new graduates as well as practitioners who have limited Australian private practicing experience.

- Preference will be given to 2022 Final Year Dental Students in AUS/NZ. However other applicants are welcome to apply too if you think your situation / skill level is comparable to that of a Graduate level

- We have worked hard to develop the Graduate program and we believe the positions made available under the program will be some of the best we can offer to the graduates

- The correct candidate must be willing to take on challenges, be self-motivated, and have confidence in oneself. We have a positive "Can-do" culture.

- As team work is valued highly at our branches, respect must be paid to other co-workers.

- Only suitable candidates will be contacted

Please send CV and Academic transcript to:

Please indicate "Graduate Program" in your email title.

If you have limitations regarding the locations you are willing to be allocated to, please indicate in your email application. Otherwise we will NOT be allocating locations prior to Offers. Location will be based on suitability determined by the management, taking into account merit of the application, personal situation, as well as the need of the group. **Please indicate locations you are NOT willing to be allocated to on the application** First Round Application Deadline: 9th Oct 2021

We will only contact shortlisted first round applications after the deadline. Please do not send us an email for the progress of your application before this date


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