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Experteeth Graduate Program

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please kindly provide your details by filling out the form below, and we will contact you in the order in which we receive the expressions of interest once our application process begins.

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Thank you for your interest in working with us. We will contact suitable candidates for interview. If you have any further questions, please contact us


Experteeth Dental Group is privately owned and founded by like-minded young dentists. We are driven by the same goal - to create a company by the dentists, for the dentists. We operate nationally, spanning 26 clinics across NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, and South Australia.

Across our group, we have the benefit of practicing and networking alongside over 50 clinicians with varying levels of experience and interests across all disciplines of dentistry.

The transition from University to real life can be daunting. We have all been there ourselves. That is why we have developed this Graduate Program specifically for you.

  • Regular Online and Hands-on Lectures

  • Communication for the New Grad

  • Why is my filling sensitive?

  • Surgical extraction principles

  • Introduction to CEREC

  • Introduction to Invisalign

  • Introduction to Implant

  • Hands-on and Live Surgery

  • Regular social event catch-ups and fun sessions outside of work

  • Network with over 50 like-minded dentists, both inside and outside of works

  • Internal international CPD opportunities including destinations like Uzbekistan and opportunities for Live Implant surgical courses on live patients.

  • A clear structured career pathway tailored to your personality and interests

  • Monthly case discussion and face to face support meetings with partner and senior dentists

  • Dedicated internal seminar and conference room

  • Access to a range of discounted internal and external CPD events on disciplines such as Invisalign and Implants

  • Free Graduate Lecture Series

  • CPD Bonus of $10,000 if you stay for 2 years with us



    Moree | Narrabri | Coonabarabran

    Dubbo | Wellington | Parkes



    Burnie | Wynyard | Deloraine


    Horsham | Warracknabeal

Different numbers of available positions in different locations. Please indicate your preference in your application.

Flexible working arrangements, including Metro and Regional rotations, can be discussed with suitable candidates.

Bonus and retainers only offered to certain locations, please discuss with us during the interview.

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Dr Berwyn Liu, BDSc (CSU)

Graduate Program 2016, Now Partner Dentist of 5 Clinics

Having been with the Experteeth family for over 4 years, I have not only grown as a clinician but also developed important life skills to be well equipped on the journey of practice ownership. You will be very well supported from day one - whether it’d be a simple clinical dilemma or wanting advice on undertaking a course, there will always be someone to share their experience and knowledge.


As someone that has been through the new graduate program at Experteeth myself, the clinical support and freedom allowed me to not only focus on my own areas of interest but also not be afraid to take on difficult cases and explore areas of dentistry that I used to find challenging. More importantly, getting taught the real-life stuff that uni don’t teach you such as patient communication and the financial side of dentistry has been instrumental in helping me grow to become the dentist I am today.

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.29.40 pm.png

Dr Richard Wang, BDS (JCU)

Graduate Program 2016, Now Partner Dentist of 3 Clinics

I’m Dr Richard from Experteeth Dental. This is my 5th year working with Experteeth. I am the principal Dentist for the Tasmania section. I have worked in a variety of Experteeth clinics ranging from Coona-Narra-Chatswood-Eastwood. I have had an incredible journey since the day I started and haven’t looked back since. Through my time at Experteeth, I have expanded my knowledge and grown a lot as a dentist. As of now, I have placed over 100 implants, been involved with over 80 Invisalign cases and am an avid user of Cerec restorations. This comes from the tremendous support I have received while working at Experteeth who provide these essential characteristics:

  1. A large patient base

  2. A fantastic mentor/boss

  3. An amazing team/group of Dentists to discuss/work with.

  4. A healthy working culture

It may sound simple but consistency with these points are fundamental and I personally found it difficult to find them in most clinics I applied to upon graduation.

Working with Experteeth has given me an aspect of freedom in terms of pursuing my own interests. I was able to pick up valuable skills in management of clinics during my time managing Coonabarabran, Narrabri and now Deloraine. My work in Chatswood and Eastwood (urban areas) then highlighted and taught me the importance of adapting performance in different settings. As such, I have found that Experteeth has offered me a very diverse professional experience catered towards my interest. Moreover, Experteeth’s successful expansion since I joined is a testament to it’s excellence as a company and it means that we have even more flexibility to cater to any additional criteria surrounding work that you may have.




You will be assigned to one of our Partner Dentists who will be your primary contact for mentorship. You can expect to have regular meetings with your mentor, close monitoring of your performance, and a comparison of your performance against historical graduate benchmarks and peers. You will be working alongside with a more experienced dentist all the time for the first year, someone will be there to bail you out in difficult times!


You will have access to a company wide Microsoft Teams account, which provide a platform for: Peer discussion amongst new and recent graduates within our family Discussion groups for different clinical topics such as general dentistsry, implant dentistsry and orthodontics Fortnightly "Bootcamp" Teams meeting, involving lectures and case discussions​


We run multiple face to face lectures and hands on sessions as part of our graduate program, with topics such as: Digital dentistry and working with Scanners Dental Photography Aesthetic composite restorations Fixed prosthodontics workshop and lab process tutorial Guest speakers including specialists from outside of our company


  • 40% (less lab fee) effective commission on SFA agreement;

  • $120,000 Retainer offered for Regional Positions; Fixed Salary options for Metro Positions;

  • Discounted arranged accommodation for Regional Positions

  • Bonus if you complete 2 years with us under the program

  • $10,000 CPD Allowance (Conditions apply, will specify in the interview process)

  • Guaranteed Job after the program in Metro Locations if you start Regional

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 10.36.20 pm.png

Dr Sarah Hu, DDS (Melb)

Graduate Program 2020

As a recent graduate, I began working in Narrabri for Experteeth Dental. The experience I have had in Narrabri has been exceptional. The country-life is cozy and pleasant, with only 5 minute drives to and from work. Dentists that work in Narrabri and the surrounding towns often have social gatherings to keep things interesting.

Patients in the country are very friendly and understanding, making the entire dental experience nicer and easier for new graduates.


Experteeth has a constant, substantial patient volume here in Narrabri. I have been exposed to a great variety of dental work, from the day to day restorative procedures to paediatrics, endodontics, prosthodontics and orthodontics. Dr Hong Chang holds fortnightly webinars on implants, communications, endodontics and other topics amongst the Experteeth dentists for continual professional developments. Furthermore, there are invaluable hands-on sessions held for implants and CAD/CAM. On top of it all, an online group chat is made for all 50 dentists, hence anyone would receive prompt advice for questions or cases from multiple senior dentists.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 12.20.31 am.png

Dr William Hong, DDS (Melb)

Graduate Program 2020

My growth as a clinician has significantly accelerated since joining Experteeth. Working in Narrabri, there is a constant patient flow with an easy going patient base. The variety of treatments is interesting and there is always a good challenge every week. We have a fun group of dentists and hold regular catch ups.

Experteeth has a system in place to enable their dentists to ask any questions about challenging cases to any of the other 20 dentists.
The fortnightly online meetings function to teach (e.g. communication, endo, perio, implants), and to socialise with the dentists within the group. For example, the series of implant lectures culminated in a hands on experience run by Dr Hong Chang, which was invaluable (and free of charge!).


  • Our signature Uzbekistan Live Surgery course organised by Origin Dental Academy provides a fast-tracked pathway for your implant training.

  • You can expect to be able to place around 10-20 implants in your first trip, coupled with our close mentoring support when you come back to Australia both in clinical and patient acquisition and management.

  • We are confident that through this program, you can be confident in simple implant treatments within a year.


  • Join our specialized orthodontics study group, where we host frequent gatherings all year long.

  • We provide comprehensive support by carefully reviewing each treatment plan together, guiding you through every case whether they are fixed bracket or clear aligner cases, enabling you to gain valuable insights from each case. Our aim is to support both your intellectual and practical growth.



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