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Dr Rou Voon Teo



Dr. Rou Voon Teo brings a unique blend of international perspective and expertise to the field of dentistry. Originally from Malaysia, Dr. Teo moved to the United Kingdom in 2018 where she graduated with Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Honours) from University of Dundee. As an undergraduate, she has been awarded multiple distinctions for her academic achievements as well as the St Andrew Dental Alumni prize for her active involvement in research projects centred around anxiety management and innovative teaching. After graduating, she underwent intensive training and mentoring whilst serving a vibrant community in Scotland where she developed proficiency in a wide range of dental procedures.

Dr. Teo is passionate in her career development and stays abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry to provide the highest standard of care to her patients. This is reflected in her active participation in professional development programs on digital and restorative/cosmetic dentistry. Though she is well-versed in most aspects of dentistry, Dr. Teo particularly enjoys mini smile makeovers and restorative work such as veneers, crowns, bridges. She also has a reputation of being great with kids. Dr. Teo understands dental visits can often be accompanied with anxiety or apprehension, hence, she prioritizes patient comfort and well-being at every step and prides herself on her gentle and friendly demeanour.

Benefitting from the exposure of a diverse upbringing, Dr. Teo is fluent in both English and Chinese with basic competence in Cantonese. Outside of dentistry, she is a huge enthusiast in music, art, and cooking.

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