Dr Gavin Yang


Dr Gavin Yang was born in Hobart where he was educated at The Hutchins School prior to attaining the prestigious Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship with which he completed the Bachelor of Science and the Doctor of Dental Surgery at The University of Melbourne.
Dr Gavin is friendly, light-hearted and shows that he cares for all his patients with whom he loves to build a rapport with. He is amazed by the breadth of dentistry and is interested in all facets of it as it is a culmination of science, medicine and art. His greatest passion is for restorative and aesthetic dentistry. He sets himself the highest standards and always strives to achieve as close as one can get to perfection using his gentle hands and meticulous mindset that he has developed and brought over from his extensive musical background and training. He enjoys actively learning and keeping up to date with the latest knowledge through continuing professional development.
Outside of work, if he is not playing the piano, violin, guitar, trombone or singing at home, he can be found playing badminton, swimming, weightlifting, cycling by the beach or learning new hobbies such as skiing with which he is a fast learner.